About Aksara Creative

Since launching our first website in 2010, Aksara has been dedicated to building a team of creative and multidisciplinary web development and design experts that offers each client a comprehensive, complete, and customized solution for digital and print communication. We cultivate a collaborative environment within our team and with our clients. Truly superior design requires more than technical capacity: It requires a talent for delivering a message, openness to new ideas, and a capacity to identify and define what makes an individual, organization, or brand unique. Positive outcomes depend upon the power of communication, that’s why Aksara harnesses both the image and the word to become your greatest marketing resource.

Core Values

Passion and Determination

We are passionate about our industry, clients and company culture. We believe in what we do and are determined to achieve the highest standard of excellence in every website we develop. Our determination shows in our dedication to our clients and the quality of our work.


We are ideas people, and our Bali-based studio welcomes and encourages creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Ideas are the core of our business—whether we are designing visual elements for maximum marketing impact or crafting enticing copy to deliver an unforgettable message.

Joy with a Dash of Abandon

When one loves what one does work becomes play. For the Aksara team, our work is pure joy. It also requires just the right amount of unhibited inventiveness to take our work from passable to superb.

Curiosity and Open-mindedness

We never stop soaking up new knowledge. We seek out innovative approaches and new ideas and never shy away from helpful suggestions. An open mind is open to enlightenment.


Our best decisions and ideas come from being surrounded by the people we respect and for whom we care—both in the home and in the workplace.


Our personal and professional integrity has led to strong and long-lasting relationships symbolised by our very name: Aksara means steadfast or immutable in Sanskrit, and our integrity is key to our company’s longevity.

We Love To Listen. Tell Us About Your Needs!